Data visualization is a can of awesome because besides displaying raw datasets, it also maps 1) the relationship between data points (making it easy to spot trends, outliers) and 2) focuses us on thinking about those relationships and drawing meaningful conclusions. 3) they are pretty.

I made this competitive landscape infographic for internal use at a startup -- no one asked, but I thought a diagram would convey the data better than its .doc predecessor.


Designed 9 pages from home, to gallery, to different types of info pages.

Every visual creative work is a manifestation of the character of the designer. It is a reflection of his knowledge, his ability, and his mentality.

Josef Müller-Brockmann,
Grid Systems in Graphic Designs


"Hey Francine, we have some stuff we want to present and distribute at our (fancy) annual meeting. It's a (sad) Word Doc right now. Can you make it look better (and make it pop)?"



I customized a Shopify storefront for a clothing line once and opted to be paid in sweaters, tops, and scarves.

10/10 would code again for socks or Joe's Jeans. And shoes, ohhman.


Mentorbuddies is a platform facilitating local, lifelong mentorships. Mentors and mentees sign up to list their experience/needed experience, view availabilities, and request a coffee chat/contact people in their industry.

Mentorbuddies won 3rd at Lincoln Lab's Education Hackathon

Causes I like to work on: education, and things that make people happy.


tl;dr: data visualization <3 = better, quicker analysis. I'm all about data-driven decisions. More of a Yelp-reesarching than an Urbanspoon-rouletting kinda gal, ya'know?


At 20, I browsed tons of Mac-centric tech/startup job listings and figured it was time to get my first Mac. I needed to learn the OS and the scenario of leaning over to my potential coworker and saying "hey uh, how do i uninstall this app?" was a real fear. was then born: part fundraiser for my first ever Macbook, part marketing experiment, and part test of if my summer of self-taught HTML/CSS was good enough to hack together my first website.

Lots of trial & erroring in code, a launch on HN and 18 project requests later, my fingers fly over the trackpad like Amazon drones on the release day of iThing46 in 2015. There were a lot of takeaways, and my favorite was getting real feedback and connecting with real people on something I built.


Always up'ing my pen and paper game on spare weekends. Or when I'm hipsterly gifting with paper bags--makes a good canvas for some heartfelt doodles. How fun it would be to work on packaging!


This used to be a series of bulletpoints and bad stock photos, and then I couldn't help myself. I really like wrangling information into smart visuals. No bulletpoints here, Tufte!


Quoting some nice notes left by nice people I've met from Airbnb - Zimride.


Concepts for the slogan "beyond all possibilities"


Ran out of bizcards while being recruited at Boulder Startup Week. Walked to a local coffee shop, asked to buy 20 sleeves, did what I do best: got crafty, and got it done.


Everyone, and I mean everyone, loves a good meal. So I'm thinking, being a good chef = (eventually) world peace, right? Working on it.

I'm a glutton, too. But there's no real good reason for that.

Just f*ing do it.

Someone who probably built a lot of stuff


Learning things and being capable of more things and helping people with things in more capacities--it's a lifelong journey!

Establishing weekend projects has been pretty effective for getting better at stuff. I got my feet wet with Bootstrap and Bourbon/Neat frameworks by diving into the docs, hands dirty, over 24-48 hr hackathons. Outside of tech I want to pick up fitness and nutrition. Maybe hemming at some point, because pants are always too long when you are too short.


Yeah .. I took a Rubik's Cube class while at Berkeley (and learned that the key to cracking the cube was memorizing a sequence of algorithms!). On the bucketlist: getting casted on the Amazing Race or Wipeout. Or a japanese game show.


Always down for a co-working sesh, good company. Hopefully that's an "and" and not an "or" situation.